The enzymatic transfer of strained ring containing bioothrogonal tags

Name of Award

3M Small Scale Grant

Date Awarded




Project Description

James Wollack, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, and Kristina Poss, student researcher, received a $2,000 award from the 3M Small Scale Grant program to use new chemistries that rely on the reactivity of strained rings to do bioorthogonal reactions that do not require toxic copper catalysts. These strain-promoted reactions will then be used to attach biological molecules to surfaces, small molecules, and other biological molecules in the presence of a milieu of cellular components. Strained ring analogs will be synthesized and transferred to peptides and proteins using an enzymatic reaction. The corresponding surfaces with appropriate bioorthogonal functional groups will be synthesized and attached to these proteins and peptides using strained ring promoted chemistry. The efficiency of these ligations will then be deciphered to determine what concentrations of material are sufficient for reactions to occur.

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