Development of Industrial Polymer

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APDC Curriculum Development Award

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Project Description

Sharf Ahmed, PhD, Lecturer of Chemistry, was awarded $1,200.00 for the development of a new course on industrial polymers. Polymers are at the center of the explosive scientific and technological revolution underway today. The purpose and goal of this project is to develop a unique course in chemistry which encompasses the materials and polymers (large molecules) that we encounter every day. The outcome of this project will result in the development of the course with a syllabus, learning about polymers, and hands on experience on how polymers are made, analyzed and used in various industries for product development and human use.

The development of this course has two significant objectives: 1) provide students with the knowledge of polymers and how they are used in industry, and 2) show them that polymers are a natural bridge between teaching material and the world of practice. Although more than 65% chemists working in the industry work with some sort of polymers, the majority of graduating chemistry/chemical engineering students who continue into the field have very little knowledge of polymers. The American Chemical Society has found that students graduating in chemistry have deficiencies in this particular area and they feel that a course in polymer chemistry will prepare them if they choose to go into the industry. Several schools have already chosen this path to introduce the chemistry of polymers to their departments in order to provide students with a basic understanding of polymers as well as practical applications. This course will focus on polymers and the associated laboratories will provide hands on experience on how to use polymers for various applications.

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