Synthesis and Characterization of Two Dimensional Tin Sulfide Materials

Name of Award

APDC Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities Grant

Date Awarded

Summer 6-1-2016


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Project Description

John Dwyer, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, received a $7,500 award for his project Synthesis and Characterization of Two Dimensional Tin Sulfide Materials. Over the past decade or so, research in the area of two dimensional (2D) materials has skyrocketed. These materials share in typical very thin, sheet-like structures that are often only a few atoms thick. Unlike 3D solids of these materials, it is the 2D structure that confers promise to these materials in a wide range of applications including nanoelectronics, photovoltaics, catalysis, sensors, piezoelectricity, and photonics. The ultimate goal of this work is to develop a synthesis that directly produces large, atomically thin sheets. Very thin sheets have been shown to have the most promising properties for applications and large sheets are thought to be necessary to produce working photovoltaic and other types of devices. Results from my work and that of others in the Aydil lab (where I am currently doing a sabbatical) suggest that current synthesis methods likely produce some thin sheets, but the vast majority are many tens of layers thick.

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