Population Health

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APDC Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities Grant

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Project Description

Lisa Marien, MS, Assistant Professor of Nursing, was awarded $6,629.20. Realizing the need to prepare nurses for an expanded ambulatory care role, HealthPartners nursing leadership reached out to St. Catherine University nursing leadership to explore a collaborative partnership. At a preliminary meeting in spring 2016, we were not able to envision a workable clinical education model and determined we wanted to engage in action research to glean the insights of Ambulatory Care Nurses (ACN) and engage them with nurse educators to explore the ambulatory care role and configure a process for educating nursing students for the ACN role. Jo Mclaughlin, Director of Nursing and Nutrition for HealthPartners, and St. Catherine University nursing faculty, Lisa Marien and Margaret Dexheimer Pharris, volunteered to design an action research process that would shed light on ACN practice and education for our institutions and would lay the foundation for a demonstration project measuring the outcomes of ambulatory care nursing. Dissemination of these research findings will add to the national dialogue on how best to configure ambulatory care services.

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