MBA Career Curriculum

Name of Award

APDC Curriculum Development Award

Date Awarded

Summer 6-1-2016



Project Description

Michelle Wieser, PhD, Associate Professor of Business, received a $1,200.00 grant for her project MBA Career Curriculum. Pursuing an MBA is an important decision that will lead to exciting future career opportunities. Whether switching careers or planning to enhance a career internally or externally to one’s current organization, it is essential for St. Kate's MBA students to be ready for the unique and competitive MBA job market. As such, the St. Kate's MBA Program would like to develop a new "career curriculum" designed to guide MBA students through a process of self-assessment, career exploration, and skill development to help them land their ideal post-MBA career. This project will help students set their goals, identify gaps in their readiness, and put the tools in place to conduct a successful job search during and after the MBA program.

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