Art of Lament in Ciudad Juarez

Date Awarded




Project Description

Colleen Carpenter, PhD, Associate Professor, was awarded $6,050 for her project Bronze Roses, Pink Crosses, and Feminicide: The Art of Lament in Ciudad Juarez. This project holds significance to the University in that it is directly related to the three foundations of a St. Kate’s education: women, the liberal arts, and the Catholic tradition. Using Catholic theology—and more than that, an interdisciplinary liberal arts research methodology incorporating both theology and art—to investigate a significant contemporary issue affecting women is something that St. Kate’s is meant to do. Theology is still dominated by men and by male research interests: in 2009, women received 30% of doctorates awarded in religion and religious studies, a percentage smaller than that even in economics or math, both fields generally considered to be strongly male-dominated. This research is significant to the Theology Department in that the department has a long history of commitment to research in feminist theology and interdisciplinary teaching and research. This project very much fits in with the kind of work the Theology Department does and is proud to do.

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