Population Health: Examining the Role of Ambulatory Care Nursing

Lisa Marien, St. Catherine University

Project Description

Lisa Marien, MSN, Assistant Professor and Coordinator for RN-BS Completion Section, was awarded $6,630 for her research project on the role of Ambulatory Care Nursing.

This exploratory qualitative research project seeks to gain a better understanding of: 1. What ACNs find meaningful and unique in their ambulatory care nursing practice. 2. How ACNs would redesign their role. 3. How ACNs would measure the outcomes of their work. 4. How nurse educators can better prepare nursing students for the ACN role.

There is an urgent need to develop a model of education for the ambulatory care nurse role and to develop and test models of ambulatory care service in which RN’s are functioning at the top of their license. This preliminary exploratory study APDC Grant Narrative: Lisa Marien 3 done collaboratively between St. Catherine University and HealthPartners, meets the needs of both institutions and holds the potential to improve patient and student outcomes. The results of this study can help fill the void of knowledge in ACN nursing education and practice literature. This study involves an education-practice partnership engaged in a collaborative action research project aimed at generating knowledge to improve patient and student learning outcomes. The study addresses a gap in knowledge that is at the heart of current healthcare delivery transformation.

The significance and nature of the findings of this study will be determined by the action research team. Expected outcomes include practice and education systems change informed by presentation of findings and dialogue centered on the meaning of the findings and insights into needed action.

This study: (a) aligns with the socially responsible and transformational leadership focus of the University, Henrietta Schmoll School of Health (HSSH), and Department of Nursing (DoN); (b) informs the interprofessional emphasis of the HSSH, (c) enhances the relationship-centered care APDC Grant Narrative: Lisa Marien 5 commitment of the HSSH and DoN; (d) promotes the visibility of the university; (e) responds to the existing and emerging needs in health care (HSSH); (f) employs community based action research to increase access for students and patients (DoN); (g) expands strategic partnerships (University, HSSH, DoN); and, (h) contributes to academic excellence.