Sales for Social Impact 2016


Mary Jacobs

Date Awarded

Summer 7-16-2016



Project Description

Mary Jacobs, BA, Director of the Institute for the Center of Sales of Innovations was awarded $25,000 for the Sales for Social Impact: Social Entrepreneurship Fall 2016. This project to developed, marketed and delivered a 4-credit course Social Entrepreneurship. This course is a requirement for students pursuing a minor in business administration and for those pursuing a major in small business entrepreneurship. The course was project-based. Students engaged in a multi-discipline collaboration to develop sustainable solutions to address social issues in partnership with two nonprofit organizations. Students partnered with Mama Hope, based in San Francisco, to continue work that was started in fall, 2014. The students wrote a business plan for the Budondo Intercultural Center in Uganda. For the second nonprofit, the course instructor explored opportunities to work with a Twin Cities-based science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) - focused organization.

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