Contract for work with Rebuilding Together Twin Cities

Date Awarded



Occupational Therapy

Project Description

Catherine Sullivan, PhD, Associate Prof of OSOT, was awarded $3,422.00 for Contract for work with Rebuilding Together Twin Cities. The overarching goal was to undertake a pilot initiative to provide comprehensive accessibility modifications for six older adult homeowners in need at no cost to the homeowners. These modifications were tailored to meet the needs and situation of the individual homeowners, and together with the development of an outcome evaluation process, will laid the foundation for a long-term, sustainable effort to help low-income older adult homeowners live independently and safely in their homes. Through this initiative, the following outcomes were anticipated: Six older adult homeowners will have the accessibility modifications needed to age-in-place successfully, as well as access to other community resources required for them to remain self-sufficient in their homes and communities. Rebuilding Together Twin Cities, St. Catherine Occupational Therapy students and faculty, and the broader community will have a better understanding of the needs of low-income older adults who may benefit from our accessibility modification services and will be better-equipped to expand services to incorporate elements of universal design in order to meet the needs of individual homeowners.

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