Stress in DPT Students: A Qualitative Study

Name of Award

Fall 2018 APDC Grant

Date Awarded

Fall 10-30-2018


Physical Therapy

Project Description

Dr. Christina Anderson, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy (DPT), and Dr. Lisa Dutton, Professor of Physical Therapy (DPT), are awarded $6,568 by the APDC Grants Program to explore stress in Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students; including how students experience stress, how students manage stress and the impact of stress on students. Stress up to a certain level can have a positive effect on performance. But stress can also negatively impact health and well-being and may even have adverse effects on students’ empathy, altruism, ethical conduct, and commitment to social responsibility. The current literature examining stress in DPT students, specifically, is limited. Gaining knowledge about the levels of stress in PT students, what is causing stress, how students cope with stress, and how stress affects student learning can potentially impact decisions about curricular design, how to provide appropriate support, and how best to prepare students for practice.

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