The Lice Project

Name of Award

GHR Innovative Scholarship

Date Awarded

Fall 10-19-2017



Project Description

Jessica Miehe, Master of Science, Nursing - Clinical Nurse Leader, Assistant Professor was awarded $15,000 from the GHR Academic Excellence Grant. The Lice project plans to educate parents and students of Lincoln Elementary about lice infestation to induce stigma among children and affected by lice infestation students and faculty of. St. Catherine University will collaborate to develop and provide the education. The public health nursing students will be gaining skills on to conduct scholarly inquiry as well as increasing social justice awareness. The public and nursing departments strive to build student capacity for conducting research as well as involve students in the community. The project will achieve both goals. The students will be working with elementary aged children and practicing their leadership skills. They will also help present the lice education to parents and teachers, again practicing leadership skills.

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