Global Community Partner Impact: Case Studies on the Impact of University Global Health Partnerships on the Host Communities

Name of Award

GHR Innovative Scholarship

Date Awarded

Fall 10-2-2017


Physician Assistant

Project Description

Donna DeGracia, Assistant Professor & Curriculum Coordinator, Ingrid Johansen, Assistant Professor, Tara Rick, Adjunct Professor, and Jennie Whitehouse, Assistant Professor, were awarded $15,000 to investigate the impact of the global community partner. Although global health partnerships have proven value to North America educational institutions and students, there is a lack of information about their impact on host partners. St. Catherine University had a number of program opportunities for global study and service learning. The project will use quantitative research in the form of comparative case studies to explore the positive and negative impacts and challenges faced by four global partnerships from the perspective of the global hosts. Interviews will be conducted with individuals in all levels of host organizations, including organizational leaders, administrators, clinical preceptors, and interpreters.

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