Understanding the Experiences of Stigma and Discrimination of Caregivers of Children with Disabilities in Zambia: A Photovoice Project

Name of Award

GHR Innovative Scholarship Grant

Date Awarded

Spring 5-25-2018


Occupational Therapy, Social Work

Project Description

Renee Hepperlen, Assistant Professor of Social Work, and Paula Rabaey, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy (OSOT) are awarded $9,300 to understand the experiences of stigma and discrimination of caregivers of children with disabilities in Zambia. The project will utilize Photovoice: a participant-driven process by which the researcher places cameras in the hands of the participants, instead of the hands of the researcher, thereby empowering participants to express issues they feel should be addressed. A creative approach will be taken by the study by focusing on caregivers of children with disabilities (CWD) in a developing country who are also marginalized by stigma and poverty; this population has had little focus in the literature and, as a collective, are a voice that is often unheard. Currently within Zambia, there is an effort to increase awareness of disability and decrease the stigma and marginalization that happens to CWD and their families. This project would contribute to the recognition of the experiences of caregivers of CWD -- bringing light to the voices of this marginalized group.

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