The Contribution of Micro- and Macro-Context on Team Collaboration and Performance

Name of Award

GHR Innovative Scholarship Grant

Date Awarded

Spring 5-25-2018

Project Description

Patricia Finch-Guthrie, Co-Director for Interprofessional Education, Research, and Practice, Janet Benz, Assistant Professor of Interprofessional Education, and Kathrine Campbell, Assistant Professor of Interprofessional Education, are awarded $2,500 by the GHR Internal Grant Program to explore the interplay of micro- and macro-contexts that contribute to team collaboration and performance. At St. Catherine University, healthcare students are prepared to collaborate and to conduct interprofessional evidence based practice (IEBP), meeting the interprofessional education competencies. IEBP improves patient care in which multiple disciplines work together to solve problems with evidence. While interprofessional education in the classroom is important, students working alongside practicing clinicians and faculty is more effective. St. Catherine University created the Interprofessional Evidence-based Clinical Scholar Program (IECSP), which includes teams of interprofessional students, faculty, and clinicians working to address practice concerns with IEBP, such as uncontrolled pain, ventilator acquired pneumonia, and urinary tract infections. The original program was developed in acute care and was not designed to address contextual differences. Little is known about how to create a clinical scholar program that is transferable to a variety of organizations with different missions and visions, cultures, resources, leadership structures, types of disciplines, and community relationships or regional or national influences. This project will contribute to the knowledge base of IEBP and implement science that includes a focus on context.

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