Localization of an Ammonium Transporter Protein within Marchantia Polymorpha, a Liverwort, Utilizing a YFP Fusion Protein

Name of Award

3M Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Grant

Date Awarded

Fall 11-14-2018



Project Description

This study aims to create a fusion protein of yellow fluorescent protein and a M. polymorpha methylammonium permease (MEP) in order to establish where MEPs are localized within Marchantia polymorpha, a liverwort used in genetics as a model plant. Understanding the localizations of the MEPs in the cells, as well as the body of the plant, will help better understand the function of MEPs in plants. The researchers will then compare the previously recorded AMT localization in M. polymorpha with new MEP localizations. This comparison aims to determine if the localizations of the transporters are different, which would provide evidence that AMT and MEP transporters are serving different functions.

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