Defining Womanhood in Modern Japan: Woodblock Prints from the St. Catherine University Special Collections

Name of Award

APDC Grant

Date Awarded

Fall 10-24-2018


Art History

Project Description

Christine Spiker, Associate Professor of Art History, is awarded $4,800 for the APDC Art & Humanities Creative Project, which involves the preservation, curation, and exhibition of a series of 15 Japanese woodblock prints from the St. Catherine University Special Collections. Funding will also support the organization of a “brown-bag talk” that focuses on the history of the prints (which can only be found in Japan, and now at St. Kate’s), the styles and techniques used to make them, and theories of how the prints may have come to the St. Kate’s campus. Prior to this time, the prints were tucked away in Special Collections in a drawer that may not have been opened for more than 30 years.

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