Exploring Community and Environmental Factors Associated with Sexual Violence against School-aged Girls in Mutomo, Kenya

Name of Award

GHR Innovative Scholarship Grants

Date Awarded

Spring 5-25-2018


Public Health

Project Description

Dr. Leso Munala, Assistant Professor of Public Health, is awarded $15,000 to conduct a formative assessment of the community and environmental factors associated with sexual violence against school-aged girls in Mutomo, Kenya. The few studies available with a focus on violence against young girls do not undertake an in-depth exploration of the risk factors in populations across multiple levels and stakeholder groups. Research across multiple sectors is needed to achieve a comprehensive view of factors and develop theories for primary and secondary prevention of sexual violence against girls. The results of the assessment will inform design and scope of a research study which will aim to answer critical questions related to risk factors, social constructs and mitigation strategies for sexual violence against school-aged girls.

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