Provider Perspectives on Fertility Care in Ghana

Name of Award

GHR Innovative Scholarship Grant

Date Awarded

Spring 5-25-2018


Public Health

Project Description

Dr. Carie Cox, Assistant Professor of Public Health, is awarded $15,000 by the GHR Innovative Scholarship Grant Program to explore provider training, knowledge, perspectives, and practices in the provision of fertility care in public sector facilities in Ghana. Fertility care is an overlooked and often neglected component of reproductive health care throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Quality of care is essential to achieving equity and dignity for women and couples suffering from infertility around the world. This study is aimed to improve upon how quality fertility care is measured and delivered, which can improve the effectiveness of fertility treatments and reduce the many social and emotional consequences women and couples face. The proposed study is a first step in this process by aiming to explore how providers perceive quality fertility care in Ghana and their role in its provision.

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