The Ripple Effect: A Sociocultural Exploration of Narrative Reproduction on the Exercise Experience and Adherence across the Lifespan

Name of Award

GHR Innovative Scholarship Grant

Date Awarded

Spring 5-25-2018


Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Project Description

Dr. Rebecca Busanich, Associate Professor of Exercises and Sports Studies, is awarded $9,600 by the GHR Innovative Scholarship Grant Program to conduct a retroactive study looking at the impact of narratives on lifetime exercise adherence and experience. Currently, the top five leading causes of death in the U.S. are linked to lifestyle behavior, making sedentary behavior and poor exercise adherence rates a public health crisis. Because of this, it is important to gain a better understanding of all the ways in which exercise adherence can be positively impacted across the lifespan. This study will be the first longitudinal exploration involving the sociocultural aspects of exercise adherence using a narrative inquiry methodology. The narrative inquiry will allow the analysis of personal stories, using 10 running journals of a high-school cross-country team collected from 1992-1999; as well as newspaper articles, images, and visual artifacts from the team at that time. Using this scope of narrative will allow a broader, more complex understand of all the ways exercise behavior is influenced and how it can be improved upon.

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