Association between Umami Taste Perception, Dietary Protein Intakes, and Lean Muscle Mass in American and Southeast Asian Consumers

Name of Award

GHR Innovative Scholarship Grant

Date Awarded

Spring 6-5-2018


Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Project Description

Dr. Nuala Bobowski, Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Exercise Science, is awarded $8,500 to explore the associations between choice and intake of protein-rich foods and lean muscle mass through a collaboration between St. Kate’s and the lab of Dr. Ciaran Forde at the Clinical Nutrition Research Center at the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences. This partnership allows the research to explore whether previously observed associations between protein selection and lean muscle mass is a phenomenon that exists independent of food environment. The proposed research offers a unique opportunity to add to our understanding of how sensory cues guide healthier food choice and intake in two diverse cultural populations. This information could provide critical insight into why some are more vulnerable than others to developing obesity.

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