Project TUESTUC: A Workshop and Mentoring Program for Two-Year College Faculty

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Project Description

The Nation’s two-year colleges (2YCs) educate a substantial and rapidly growing number of undergraduate students, including a significant number of students in STEM fields. Furthermore, the racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity of students served by 2YCs make these institutions key entry points to STEM fields for students who have been historically underrepresented. While 2YCs serve large numbers of STEM students, the number of NSF Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (TUES) proposals from and awards to these institutions remains disproportionately low.

In order to address this issue, this project will build and expand on our prior work to increase the number of TUES proposals from 2YC’s. The overall goal of our work has been and continues to be to broaden awareness of the TUES program as a resource for 2YCs and to increase the number of TUES awards to these institutions. With this project, we will utilize the grant writing workshop and mentoring model developed and refined in our previous projects to increase the number of TUES proposals submitted from 2YC engineering, biology, and physics faculty.

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