Embodied Ways of Knowing, Liberal Arts Education, and Social Justice: Pedagogical research and residency of Ananya Dance Theatre

Name of Award

Carol Easley Denny Award

Date Awarded

Winter 12-12-2007



Project Description

Dr. Hui Wilcox, Assistant Professor of Sociology, was awarded $20,000 to develop an innovative academic model that integrates embodied ways of knowing into liberal arts education with an emphasis on social justice. The project will study the relationship between critical pedagogy and embodiment through evaluating St. Kate’s Core curriculum and through assessing the impact of a performance art residency on teaching and learning. Liberal arts education’s empowering potential is more fully realized when academic knowledge is connected with embodied experiences: broadly defined to encompass kinesthetic movement, performance, and lived social experiences.

The Ananya Dance Theater (ADT) is a dance company of women, diverse in nationality, race/ethnicity, sexuality, and age. In September 2006, a number of St. Kate’s faculty, staff, and students attended an ADT performance. Shortly after ADT members and St. Kate’s community gathered to envision a mutually beneficial partnership with an emphasis on liberal arts, social justice and embodied ways of knowing.

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