The Reading-Thinking-Writing Project

Name of Award

Carol Easley Denny Award

Date Awarded



Liberal Arts and Sciences

Project Description

Robin Lukes, Associate Professor of Liberals Arts and Sciences, was awarded $10,000 for the Reading-Thinking-Writing Project (RTW Project) which seeks to address both the college readiness of students, particularly in critical reading, thinking and writing skills, and faculty readiness across disciplines to provide excellent pedagogy, curriculum design and feedback on essential reading, thinking, and writing assignments. The lack of faculty preparedness dramatically affects student learning outcomes, as too many students, do not improve critical skills even though they complete college-level work. The RTW Project works by applying a formula to both associate degree students and faculty to provide meaningful access to excellence in critical reading, thinking, and writing.

The RTW Project provides a blueprint to faculty and students to connect reading, thinking, and writing. The formula helps students’ process ideas while reading by requiring students to create hierarchies of concepts they read; then students continue to process meaning by choosing the most important concepts from their reading(s); finally, students produce writing based on another equation. Faculty can benefit from the RTW Project because it allows for quick and effective identification of writing issues with an opportunity to provide concrete formula feedback, using language that students will experience across the curriculum.

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