Women’s Biology and Health (Text)

Name of Award

Carol Easley Denny Award

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Project Description

Dr. Lynne Gildensoph, Professor of Biology and Woman’s Studies, and Dr. Deborah Wygal, Professor of Biology and Woman’s Studies, were awarded $7,500 to complete the biology of women textbook, Women’s Biology and Health: A New Perspective. The rigorous text covers the basic biological concepts of cell structure and function, genetics, microbiology, immunology, anatomy, and physiology in the context of issues relevant to women and their health. The textbook is being used in SCU courses, including General Biology and Biology of Women, and is available for purchase by others via the Copley Publishing website. It has been written in a style that students say is easily readable and makes biological concepts easy to understand.

Historically, biology textbooks have used the 150 kg male as the prototype, and have been written in a somewhat dry style. Alternatively, Women’s Biology and Health: A New Perspective will use women’s bodies and women’s experiences to teach basic biology. The textbook has been in development for several years; Professors Gildensoph and Wygal only need to add figures to each chapter and create an index to polish the book for broader distribution.

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