The Role of Peripheral Cues in Credibility Judgements Concerning Wikipedia

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Carol Easley Denny Award

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Project Description

Dr. Sook Lim, Associate Professor of Library and Information Science, was awarded $7,100 to examine both the credibility assessments in relation to information cues, subject knowledge, and intention of use of Wikipedia and whether heuristic approaches to credibility assessment can be understood by the theory of bounded rationality. Currently little is known about how college students judge the credibility of non-traditional information sources such as Wikipedia.

Due to the complex characteristics of digital information, internet users face unique challenges in discerning credibility information from unfiltered information and selecting appropriate information for their needs. In the digital environments, the standards of quality control are less rigorous than in traditional information sources, and the origin of information, the context of information, and the distinctions among sources and media messages are less clear than ever before. Therefore the credibility of digital information is difficult to assess.

This study will not only contribute to Library and Information Science (LIS) research by offering theoretical explanations for understanding experiential approaches to credibility judgment. It will potentially also help librarians and educators develop effective information literacy programs that may benefit students using non-traditional information resources.

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