Validation of a life balance model: Dissertation research

Name of Award

Carol Easley Denny Award

Date Awarded



Occupational Science/Occupational Therapy

Project Description

Kathleen Matuska, Professor and Department Chair of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy (OSOT), was awarded $15,000 to provide empirical validity evidence for a model and measure of lifestyle balance. The importance of living a well-balanced life has been supported in the contemporary literature of economic, social, and behavioral sciences. However, due to a lack of action, there is no universal understanding of lifestyle balance. This research is expected to provide first of its kind validity evidence to a model and measure of lifestyle balance that will be useful in many disciplines. If this dissertation reveals validity evidence, the model and measure will be helpful for additional research related to lifestyle, health, quality of life, and subjective well-being.

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