Curriculum Development Grant: Department of American Sign Language and Interpreting

Name of Award

APDC Internal Grant

Date Awarded



ASL and Interpreting

Project Description

Gloria Nathanson, Assistant Professor of American Sign Language (ASL) and Interpreting, Justin Small, Assistant Professor of ASL and Interpreting, and Octavian Robinson, Assistant Professor of Interpreting Studies and Communication Equity, were awarded a $1,200 APDC Grant. The purpose of this grant is to reaccredit St. Kate's interpreting program. During the department’s self-study for reaccreditation, the ASL faculty identified a number of gaps in the ASL curriculum, including: outdated language teaching methods, the nonexistence of LGBTQIA identified people, the racists messaging about nonwhite people in the existing language textbooks, ableist rhetoric about deaf people, and the exclusion of deaf people who were also blind and/or otherwise disabled. This project is devoted to essentially replacing the entire ASL curriculum of the four language core courses.

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