Holistic Studies Narrative Study

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APDC Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities Grant

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Holistic Health Studies

Project Description

Laurie Anderson Sathe, Associate Professor of Holistic Health Studies, received $6,825 to gather the stories and narratives of Holistic Health Studies (HHS) graduates to describe their experiences in the field of holistic health. Ultimately, this will contribute to defining the broader narrative(s) of the field of holistic health and as well as provide insights into its’ new phase of evolution.

Holistic Health is as old as humankind and as current as the exploration of space and science, constantly pressing the boundaries of understanding. It crosses borders, disciplines, time, religions, and ways of knowing and healing that can benefit individuals, communities, and the environment. The field of holistic health is dynamic and ever-changing as those who work in the field embrace new and evolving paradigms for health and healing. Although the area cannot be confined to a single model, we can develop a narrative or narratives of the field as a way of understanding it. Stories of graduates of the Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies program can help describe the lived experience of working in the field.

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