Generation and Analysis of Transcriptomics Data from Sexually and Asexually Reproducing Forms of Lumbriculus

Name of Award

APDC Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities Grant

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Project Description

Kay Tweeten, Professor of Biology, received $7,000 for the generation and analysis of transcriptomics data sets from physiologically distinct tissues from freshwater annelid, Lumbriculus. Specifically, comparing the transcriptomes of sexually reproducing populations of Lumbriculus to those from asexually reproducing populations. Although asexual reproduction in Lumbriculus has been extensively described, and many variables affecting this process have been examined. Having ready access to sexually active worms allows us to ask questions related to several aspects of sexual reproduction including seasonal variation in cocoon production, anatomical location of reproductive structures within the worm, sperm morphology and formation, persistence of reproductive structures under laboratory conditions, and regulation of sexual reproduction in these worms.

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