edTPA On-Boarding

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APDC Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities Grant

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Project Description

Suzanne Kaback, Associate Professor of Education, received $4,095 to explore the effects of professional development (PD) on cooperating teachers (CTs) knowledge about a state-mandated student teaching performance assessment (edTPA), and their perception of the edTPA as an educative tool for new teacher growth and reflection.

In response to the federal government’s call for more accountability in teacher preparation programs, the edTPA was developed at the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE); currently, 752 Educator Preparation Programs in 40 states and the District of Columbia participate in the edTPA, including Minnesota. Student teachers’ submissions are evaluated by Pearson using fifteen rubrics; all scores are reported to the Minnesota Department of Education and to the IHE where student teachers completed their teacher preparation.

The edTPA Onboarding study will build on CTs expertise by designing workshops that consistently and purposefully tie the edTPA to requirements for in-service teacher evaluation. Professional development for teachers is often top-down with little acknowledgment of the skills and experience teachers bring to a new enterprise. As a result, engagement suffers, and the application of new ideas is weak. This study will operate from the premise that in-service teachers’ lived experiences with evaluation systems is the appropriate starting point to help them make decisions about the value of a pre-service evaluation tool.

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