Glorious Isolation: How the American Social Contract Quietly Changed

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Carol Easley Denny Award

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Project Description

Ann Lowry, Professor of Communication Studies, was awarded $7,600 to complete the book she started while on sabbatical, Glorious Isolation: How the American Social Contract Quietly Changed. Her book provides a glimpse into the shadow side of American contemporary cultural values and how these values have been instrumental in undermining relationships on the personal, community, national, and international levels. The book examines four key cultural values: consumerism, greed, individualism, and fear.

While many books have examined the problems facing the United States, few provide concrete solutions that can lead to improved relationships and lessened isolation. Professor Lowry’s research has already contributed significantly to her professional development as a scholar and education. To examine how Americans have become disconnected from one another, she has used research from the fields of communication, sociology, psychology, economics, and even physics. The underlying social and international justices issues related to this problem are both disturbing and interesting. Professor Lowry will continue to explore these issues in the second half of her book.

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