Swallowing the Fish: Staying Financially Afloat During Sabbatical

Name of Award

Carol Easley Denny Award

Date Awarded




Project Description

Dr. Gabrielle Civil, Associate Professor of English, was awarded $5,000 to subsidize her reduced salary during her 2006-2007 sabbatical in order to complete the manuscript of her book Swallow the Fish: Black Feminist Adventures in Performance Art. The project draws on Dr. Civil’s own experience as a scholar, teacher, community arts activist, arts patron, poet and creator of eleven original performance art pieces in the last six years. The book will address issues of gender and race in the history of performing arts and will analyze dynamics of race and gender in performance events such as teaching, gallery opens, and poetry slams. The sabbatical projects offers a critical occasion to document, address, and analyze Dr. Civil’s own work, classic works of performance art history, and the plethora of performances around her.

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