Better Read: Aestjetoc Theory and Modernism

Name of Award

Carol Easley Denny Award

Date Awarded




Project Description

Cecilia Konchar Farr, Professor of English, was awarded $10,000 to update and complete the revision of the book manuscript formerly known as Emphasis Mine: Autobiographical Fiction and the Modernist Woman Write, now Better Read: Aesthetic Theory and Modernism. The revision and reworking will involve what scholars are now calling their “everyday aesthetic practices” to the developing theories of art during the modernist period and women’s book clubs. The research for the manuscript will involve reading in women’s autobiographical fiction and in individual novels the study comprises and general theoretical constructs of the aesthetic.

The book and subsequent research will allow Professor Konchar Farr to re-engage with feminist theory, modernism, and the history of the novel. In addition to publishing the book, integrating the study into developing work on core minors and teaching it in Senior Seminar, the sabbatical work will be integrated into on- and off-campus writing occasions Scholars’ Retreat Offers.

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