Claiming Culture, Community, and Wellbeing: Older Chinese Americans and Immigrants in Minnesota

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GHR Innovative Scholarship Grant

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Project Description

According to the 2017 American Community Survey, about 20,000 persons born in China (Hong Kong and Taiwan excluded) live in Minnesota, the sixth largest foreign-born group in the state, following those from Mexico, Somalia, India, Laos, and Vietnam. Nationwide, Chinese immigrants are the third largest foreign-born population, after immigrants from Mexico and India. However, this group in Minnesota, and the general population of older immigrants in the U.S., are understudied in healthcare and social science research. The growing size and proportion of the older immigrant population warrants further research into their lived experiences.

With support from the GHR Innovative Scholarship Grant, this qualitative research project explores the living arrangements of older Chinese Americans and immigrants and their cultural and institutional contexts in Minnesota, and also aims to evaluate the social and psychological benefits of cultural activity programs initiated by older Chinese Americans and immigrants. This research contributes to our understanding of older immigrants’ resilience and agency in the U.S. as they navigate multiple differences along the intersecting lines of race, culture, class, gender, and nation.

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