Project Title

Using Moveable wristbands for activity accountability

Name of Award

Curriculum Development Award

Date Awarded



Nutrition and Exercise Sciences

Project Description

David Luedtke, Associate Professor of Nutrition/Exercise Sciences, and Josh Guggenheimer, Assistant Professor of Nutrition/Exercise Sciences, received a $250 Curriculum Development Award to determine the feasibility of using wristbands to measure and report daily physical activity of students in an on-line version of EXSS 1100. Twenty Moveable® wristbands will be purchased and given to a summer on line section of EXSS 1100 Women’s Fitness and Wellness open to only the E/W/O students. The wristbands will be used to track daily physical activity of students taking the course. Activity data will be monitored and both students and instructors and will determine the accuracy and ease of activity reporting. Faculty will create an on line version of the current curriculum for EXSS 1100 as a part the work proposed for this grant.

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