Increasing Cultural Competency for Nurse Educators: Caring for Transgender People

Name of Award

Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities Grant

Date Awarded




Project Description

Laurie Sieve, Assistant Professor of Nursing, received a $1,000 Faculty Research & Scholarly Activities Grant to conduct a project that will seek to answer two questions: Do St. Kate's University Nursing faculty exhibit a knowledge deficit of transgender health and experience? Will an educational intervention on transgender health and experience improve nursing faculty’s knowledge, and ultimately, drive change in their didactic and clinical instruction? The project will offer an educational intervention to all St. Catherine University nursing faculty on January 30th, 2015. Data will be gathered by requesting faculty answer a pre-survey, provide a 3.5 hour intervention, request a post-survey and follow up 3 months later with an electronic post-survey to check for information retention and possible planned changes to curriculum and clinical instruction.

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