Project Title

Voices of Homelessness Oral History Project

Name of Award

Faculty Research and Scholarly Activities Grant

Date Awarded




Project Description

Louise Edwards-Simpson, Assistant Professor of History, Geography and Political Science was awarded a $6,050 Faculty Research and Scholarly Activities Grant to support preparations for a proposal for a Minnesota Historical Society grant for completing an oral history project. The support is in the form of equipment and student research assistants. SCU’s Voices of Homelessness project will solicit, collect, transcribe and preserve 15 to 20 oral history interviews from St. Catherine University students and staff that document women's stories of housing insecurity in recent years predominantly. Domestic violence, racism, and immigration status are aggravating factors that combine with poverty and contribute to the crises that occasion homelessness. St. Kate's actively recruiting students and staff from diverse and under-served populations which include persons who have moved in and out of homelessness. Edwards-Simpson believes these women's stories dispel misconceptions about homelessness. The oral histories will leave a record of how individuals have faced the hardships of homelessness, as well as how they journeyed to SCU, and toward greater economic security.

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