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Using an Interprofessional Clinical Scholars Approach to Address Sleep Disturbances in Veterans in a Long-Term Care Facility

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SAGE Research Methods Cases




Adequate sleep, defined as 7 to 9 hr per night, is important for maintaining physical and emotional health. Sleep deficiency has been linked to increased irritability, decreased cognitive function, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Many adults do not meet the recommendations for sleep, especially those living in long-term care facilities. This study used an interprofessional evidence-based practice clinical scholar approach pairing students and faculty from graduate and undergraduate health programs with clinical staff at a long-term care facility to address sleep hygiene. This case study describes a pre-experimental pretest–posttest study designed to explore the impact of lavender aromatherapy on sleep quality for residents in a long-term care facility. The process of implementing a study in a long-term care setting is described. We also discuss the logistics of conducting a study with an interprofessional team from multiple organizations.

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