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Play it Again, Ole!


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June 2019


This compact disc recording, produced by Amy Shaw, features music from the rare 1890s tunebook compiled by Norwegian-born fiddler Ole Hendricks (1851-1935), performed by the New Ole Hendricks Orchestra. In Elbow Lake, Minnesota, Hendricks became well-known as a musician, band leader, and owner of a dance hall. Local townspeople and residents of neighboring townships, many of them Scandinavian immigrants, flocked to the hall on many a Saturday night. There, they danced quadrilles, polkas, reinlenders, and waltzes to the music of Ole’s fiddle and the original Hendricks Orchestra. The New Ole Hendricks Orchestra (Vidar Skrede, fiddle; Beth Hoven Rotto, piano and harmony fiddle; Amy Shaw, wooden flute; Chris Bashor, guitar; David Tousley, bass; and special guest Bob Douglas, mandolin) has revived this charming repertoire. The booklet, written by Amy Shaw, is based on her extensive research and provides context for the musical selections. https://northernlightstrad.com/music/

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