Date of Award


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Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies


Holistic Health

First Advisor

Carol Geisler


Holistic Health Studies


Healing from trauma is a complex process, and current recommendations include working with the body. Energy healing (EH) is a holistic health practice using light or near-body touch to balance the body’s energy system. Research indicates EH reduces trauma associated symptoms. The pervasiveness of trauma makes it probable EH practitioners encounter trauma survivors. We interviewed 12 EH practitioners in a metropolitan area to describe perspectives on trauma and practice, initiating action research through information gathering and interpretation. Results of descriptive and conceptual analysis show in several ways EH practitioner’s perspectives and practices align with a trauma-informed approach even with little trauma training. They are aware of trauma prevalence, knowledgeable about signs and symptoms, use a client-centered approach, and emphasize self-care. Yet, in order to feel more effective with clients, the EH practitioners in this study are eager to learn more about trauma and consult with other practitioners. This study offers direction for supplemental EH training to include scope of practice, spiritual nature of EH and practitioner responsibility, as well as future research to include client perspectives, and to evaluate energy healing curricula for inclusion of trauma education.