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Scholarly project

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Master of Arts in Nursing




Corjena Cheung


A lumbar epidural steroid injection is aimed at decreasing inflammation in the low back and causing a residual decrease in low back and radicular pain. There is currently no community standard regarding the amount of bed rest and activity following a lumbar epidural steroid injection (LESI). The aim of this research was to determine if there is a relationship between length of rest and self-rated pain relief, disability and side effects following interlaminar LESIs in a given clinic population. A total of 110 subjects were recruited with an age range between 23 and 85. Mean age of the control group was 50.9 and experimental group mean age was 52.2. No statistical difference in pain relief, level of disability or side effects was found at the two week follow up survey. This research has the potential to influence how patients are cared for after a LESI and provide evidenced based care.