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Scholarly project

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Master of Arts in Nursing




Roberta Hunt


College attendance is considered a period of transition during which students are vulnerable to mental health issues. College nursing students have additional stressors other college students do not have to face. In addition to the intense theoretical learning encompassed in a nursing program, nursing students are required to perform clinical and critical thinking skills. Nursing students are thrust into the professional environment while still developing their knowledge base, which can be a great source of anxiety. Research has found that college student anxiety can have a detrimental effect on the student’s learning process. Several different interventional strategies that have been utilized to alleviate anxiety in college students will be discussed. Recommendations regarding different interventional strategies that can be utilized to alleviate nursing student anxiety, some of which may be used preventatively will be presented. Further, recommendations regarding future research to assess the applicability of some interventional strategies with nursing students will be outlined.