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Scholarly project

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Master of Arts in Nursing




Gay Varecka


Prostate cancer is a prevalent, worldwide problem among male adults. This literature review, “Examining the Efficacy of Screening with Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing in Reducing Prostate Cancer Mortality,” focuses on a safe and effective screening test for detecting prostate cancer in its early stages—prostate-specific antigen testing—and seeks to answer the clinical question, “Does screening with PSA testing for the early detection of prostate cancer in males ages 50-80 years significantly reduce prostate cancer mortality?” A literature search of peer-reviewed articles within the last fifteen years on databases such as CINAHL and Pub Med was conducted to find five articles that pertained to the clinical question. An analysis and synthesis of the research articles provided promising yet not conclusive evidence that prostate-specific antigen testing significantly reduces the absolute risk of prostate cancer morality. Further research is needed to provide more substantial evidence to support the use of prostate-specific antigen testing in clinical practice.