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Scholarly project

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Master of Arts in Nursing




Patricia S. Bikkie


The purpose of this integrative literature review is to determine if an exercise program has an effect on reducing cancer-related fatigue in women receiving treatment for non-metastatic breast cancer. Key words used in the database search parameters of nursing (CINAHL) and medical (PubMed) literature (published 2002 to 2012) included “breast cancer,” “exercise,” and “fatigue.” Data analysis and findings of the studies demonstrated that both supervised and home-based exercise programs are safe and effective in reducing cancer-related fatigue in the non-metastatic breast cancer patient population. However, additional studies need to be completed before definitive conclusions can be made, especially in regards to the specific type, duration, and intensity of exercise prescription needed for each patient. Findings of these studies can be applied to the clinical practice of an advanced practice registered nurse by providing evidence on the importance of screening for and providing recommendations to treat cancer-related fatigue in women treated for non-metastatic breast cancer.