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Scholarly project

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Master of Arts in Nursing




Emily Nowak


The prevalence of simulation in prelicensure nursing programs has increased, with most programs having integrated simulation into their nursing curriculum. Standards, guidelines, and recommendations defining best practice in prelicensure nursing simulation have been published since the inception of the St. Catherine University (SCU) Associate Degree (AD) nursing simulation program. Therefore, it is prudent to assess the simulation program to determine needed revisions to assure best practices are being met. The SCU AD nursing simulation program was compared to published standards to identify areas of strength and weakness. The program was also compared to two similar nursing programs in the community. Recommendations to improve the simulation program to meet best practice in simulation include: basing the program on an identified educational theory; providing faculty training in simulation implementation, structure of debriefing, and debriefing models; and evaluating the effectiveness of the debriefing facilitation using valid and reliable tools. These recommendations meet expected core competencies for nurse educators and assure attention to continual improvement of student outcomes.