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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



First Advisor

Siri Anderson


Curriculum and Instruction


The intent of this study was to see how specific online tools could be used to increase special education students’ literacy. The study took place in two public high schools in metropolitan areas. The students involved in the study included both general and special education students, males and females, and grade levels 9 through 12. Data was collected using pre- and post- assessment reading tests, student/teacher reflections, vocabulary practice, and annotated readings. The study demonstrated the importance of factors we had not fully considered in planning the action research project, including the learning curve students experience using new technology. Student literacy skills showed no significant gains as a result of our intervention. We did improve on how to incorporate technology into our classrooms and in understanding how to complete a study on reading comprehension. We also learned how district controlled pieces, such as IT support, professional development, choice based costs, etc., impact teacher effectiveness.

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Education Commons