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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Mary Hedenstrom


Education, Curriculum and Instruction


The intent of this action research study was to determine how integrating visual arts activities into reading lessons could impact students’ literacy skills. The study took place in a suburban elementary school and included both male and female students, aged eight to nine years old. The data was collected using comprehension tests, student/teacher reflections, and information gathered from the students’ artwork. Student literacy skills did show gains as a result of this intervention. The study also exhibited ways in which visual art teachers can be valuable participants in the push to integrate literature into other content areas. Creating visual artwork after reading was helpful in terms of comprehension for many students. Students also showed an increased sense of engagement and enjoyment for reading when the artwork was involved. With the implementation of the methods described in this study, educators can help students gain comprehension and retention skills.

Keywords: visual art, literacy, comprehension, art integration, comprehension strategies

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