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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Amy Adams


Education, Curriculum and Instruction


The purpose of the action research project was to determine the impact of self- and peer-editing and error-based instruction on student writing. The study took place in a fourth-grade classroom. There were 22 students who participated in the study. Data was collected through a writing self-reflection, weekly pre- and post- writing samples, an editing checklist, and an error tally sheet. Data was also collected through teacher observations. The results indicated that self- and peer-editing strategies along with error-based instruction had a positive impact on student writing. Although errors continued to persist within the students’ writing at the end of the study, the students were more aware of their writing skills. The implication is that writing needs to be viewed by students and teachers as a continuous process, analyzing and reanalyzing students’ work to guide instruction and practice.

Keywords: student writing, self-editing, peer-editing, error-based instruction

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