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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Sandra Andrew


Curriculum and Instruction


This action research investigated the effects of parent engagement strategies on the level of parent involvement in kindergarten. Parents may have barriers preventing them from becoming more involved in their child’s schooling. Many parents have younger children they take care of, work full time jobs, and are unaware of how they can get more involved at home. In this study, various strategies were implemented to help increase levels of engagement. Parents were asked to track the amount of time they spent working with their child at home on school related activities. Activities and ideas were sent home to generate discussions and incorporate additional practice, and daily communication kept the home and school connection strong. 21 kindergarten families were included in this study. Sources of data included parent feedback forms, activity tracking logs, parent/child discussions, and personal observations from the researcher. Overall, parents were happy with the implemented strategies, and involvement levels increased. Parents felt that the strategies implemented, including the increased level of communication, was effective. Data collection over a longer period of time is needed to determine the effects on student success and achievement of the increased parent involvement strategies implemented in this study.

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