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Action Research Project

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Master of Arts in Education



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Catherine Kelly


Curriculum and Instruction


This action research report investigated whether all boy collaboration groups improve the writing skills and attitudes in primary aged boys. The study included an all male writing group, a mixed gender writing group, and an all female writing group in a small, rural Montessori Academy in a classroom with 21 students ranging in Grades 1 through 3. Students were instructed on how to collaborate and work appropriately with one another before beginning writing in their groups assigned by gender for six weeks. While students worked in their groups the researcher observed behaviors, scored entries, conferenced with students, and administered surveys regarding writing pre and post intervention. Students, male and female, had an overall positive attitude towards writing before intervention and maintained their positive attitudes post intervention. Results showed that the mixed gender group demonstrated the highest improvements in writing skills, but participated in the lowest amount of collaboration. The results of the study suggested that collaboration could have been an effective tool for males, but not a consistent method for other students. Based on the results of the study, it is suggested that all students participate in mixed gender groups.

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